Light Architecture 2 – by Urs Recher

In the second, revised edition of his book, the author explains his personal ideas and experiences on the subject of light. Contrary to the first edition, some pictures have been replaced and the print quality has improved decisively.

Due to popular demand, broncolor and Urs Recher's "Light Architecture 2" can now be purchased as a digital PDF Download.

This impressive and beautiful guide features in-depth tutorials based on Urs Recher's photographs, each illustrating a different lighting setup. The book contains 50 different examples, covering studio, mixed light and daylight shots. The visuals alone provide all the guidance one might need to recreate the shots, and the content is easily accessible for amateurs and professionals alike.

Recher also delves into the fundamentals of lighting, with easy-to-understand explanations. The final chapter of the book is dedicated to broncolor products, so you’ll not only have access to helpful photography tutorials, but quite likely the most beautiful lighting catalog you'll ever see.

The book is available in English and only as a digital Download Version.



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